Worship for September 12, 2021

You can join this week’s worship service by visiting here.

Below, you’ll find Andy’s prayer for this week. In the reflection time, Andy and Steve have a conversation and share a “Blooper Reel” of recording worship these past months.  

Scripture: James 3: 1-2, 9-12

Music: Long Before My Journey’s Start, Let Us Build a House  

Pastoral Prayer
Today, as we reflect on difficult times that have past, and the frailties and anxieties it has exposed, we give thanks for so many people who have faithfully tended to us, to others, and to your world. Even as our future will surely continue to be shaped by COVID, yet we remember you give us joy and hope by giving us each other.

As your church, we know that the work to do is considerable, O God, and the needs are many. So, we pray for your wisdom and guidance, for your light and life in all we do. We pray for our community of faith and for our wider community, For Mohammed Benyoussef and his family who were attacked in their car for being Muslim, we pray for peace. For the man who frightened and threatened them, we pray that you would soften his heart toward his neighbours.

For the brokenness we know about, and that which we cannot see, we pray for healing. And we ask you to guide our hands and hearts, God of Love, to continue to reach out in faith, that we might practice and experience your peace; peace which seeks healing and justice and dignity for all.

This day, we pray for those who are ill in body or in spirit. For those in hospital and care home, at home and in transition to care. We pray for our families and friends. We pray for those who mourn this day

And we pray for ourselves, God of Mercy and of Hope; that you would grant us trust to know that you are always at work in us and others by your Spirit. Give us courage to consider the parts of our lives that need tending to, and to rejoice in the parts of our lives that give us life.

We ask these things in Jesus’ name, who taught us when we pray to say, Our Father… Amen.