FamiliesPeople of all ages are are invited to join the life of St. Paul’s. We have lively worship, vibrant Sunday Youth programs, and events throughout the year where we can get to know each other and have fun.

Sunday School

Children have a profound curiosity and a need to express themselves creatively. Even from a young age, we ask questions and wonder, and it’s essential to nurture that in the faith lives of our children.

Sunday SchoolAt St. Paul’s, we are blessed with teachers, care-givers and educators who help to shape the faith formation of our children. On Sundays, children participate in the first part of worship and spend the next part of the morning in an age-appropriate group, exploring Bible stories and Christian practice.

Wen possible, our youth are grouped in two classes, one for Grades K-3 and one for Grades 4-6. Our curriculum is written each year to reflect our congregational life, our community and our commitment to learning and a life of faith. We seek to experience stories of the Bible and reflect on them through crafts, songs and games. Throughout the year, we enjoy “Super Sunday!”, a time of organized, energetic play (and pretty popular, too).

To register child(ren) for Sunday School, please contact Natalie Leslie (506-872-1213) or stpaulssundayschool@hotmail.com


The shape of our faith changes as we grow and mature. As we forge a path for ourselves, new questions emerge. Often, we’re seeking answers to things we and others have taken for granted: who is God; why do we go to church? It’s important that our church be a place where it’s safe to ask those questions, and a place where we can seek answers together, with people our own age, and with spiritual leaders.