About Us

Good Shepherd Window

St. Paul’s is a welcoming and inclusive faith community, in which people of all generations gather in worship, in the name of Jesus Christ. Together, we experience and celebrate the mystery and transforming power of God. Worship reveals to us God’s vision for creation, and our call to live with integrity, seeking justice, peace and hope.

Our church family first started meeting in a local school, graduating to hay bales for pews in our first building. Quickly taking root, we have grown through three major building stages, the most recent making our building a fully accessible and contemporary space.

We live out our relationship with God through our relationships with each other. We are pleased to have formed strong relationships with many community groups who have found this a safe place to meet, including the Unicorn Daycare, weekly exercise groups, self-help gatherings, charities, fundraisers, ministerial associations, and retreat groups.