Rev. Steve Berubé


Steve came to St. Paul’s in the summer of 1999 and retired at the end of 2023. He is especially interested in the connection between the context of the Bible and the reality of our contemporary life. He is very involved in social justice issues in the region.

Steve was born in Grand Falls, NB and moved to Fredericton to study Business Administration. (He actually majored in student politics.) Following UNB, he worked for Xerox Canada in sales and then Proctor & Gamble in management with an emphasis on organizational change and development. It was while working with P&G in Grande Prairie, Alberta that he experienced a call to ministry. He enrolled in the Atlantic School of Theology in 1988 and was ordained by Maritime Conference in 1991.

Steve says, “I cannot believe how fortunate I am to be able to be part of the ministry team in a community as supportive and challenging as St. Paul’s. They are always willing to struggle with new concepts and ideas. Beyond that they believe in putting their faith into action.”