Stewardship is: Caring for Creation. Raising awareness. Using our resources wisely. Supporting our students. Providing for future congregations.

Good stewardship helps ensure that the people of our church family – present and future – can continue Christ’s ministry in the world. It involves responsibly managing the generous gifts that have been left to us. It includes all of us, in whatever ways are available to us.

Let Your Light Shine Campaign

Learning and Growing

Poster and information to follow.

Grocery Cards

Music and Arts

Sobey’s and Superstore have launched programs providing rebates on the sale of their gift cards.  This new program gives us the opportunity to significantly help St. Paul’s financial picture.  For each $100 purchase, St. Paul’s receives. $5.00

If your family spends $100 per week on groceries, and you use gift cards from St. Paul’s, the congregation will receive $260 in rebates each year.  It is an easy way for all of us to help support the ministry that we value so much at St. Paul’s.

Each Sunday, you will have the opportunity to buy grocery gift cards in the foyer.  The cards are used just like cash for the purchases you would normally make each week, and are available in $25, $50, and $100 amounts.

Coffee with Conscience

Service and Justice

Just Us! coffee allows you to enjoy the rich blend of international coffee, while giving farmers a fair price. Certified fair trade coffee costs a little more, but the price difference goes directly to farmers, which helps them, as well as their families, employees and local economies. Fairly traded coffee is available in the office, or you can add your order to ours by contacting the 386-3335, or Whole bean and ground coffee, tea, and chocolate are also available for sale in the office.

Student Bursaries

Spirituality and Prayer

Five bursaries are available each year to students who are members or adherents of St. Paul’s, enrolled in a post secondary education program. Four Ron Marney Memorial Recycling Bursaries ($500 each) are available each year, and continue to be funded by the efforts of our dedicated recycling team at St. Paul’s. One Ruth Monteith Memorial Bursary ($500) is also available each year. Application forms are available at the church office, and must be submitted by May 31, 2013.

Austin Memorial Fund

Fitness and Fun

The Austin Memorial Theological and Spiritual Growth Fund provides financial assistance for adults, youth and children of St. Paul’s United Church to attend conferences, camps, courses and events of a church-related or spiritual nature. It is administered by the Christian Education Committee.  Applications are available from the church office and should be submitted prior to the event.

The Fund was created by the generous bequest of Ike and Marian Austin. They were both dedicated members of St. Paul’s, who had a strong interest in the spiritual development of young persons and leaders in the church family, and an abiding commitment to the Mission and Service work of the church.