Sunday Youth

Sunday School (kids)Children have a profound curiosity and a need to express themselves creatively. Even from a young age, we ask questions and wonder, and it’s essential to nurture that in the faith lives of our children.

At St. Paul’s, we are blessed with teachers, care-givers and educators who help to shape the faith formation of our children. On Sundays, children participate in the first part of worship and spend the next part of the morning in an age-appropriate group, exploring Bible stories and Christian practice.

To register your child(ren) for Sunday Youth programs, please contact our coordinator Natalie (506-872-1213) or

Children and Communion: In the United Church, everyone is welcome to participate in communion. Many children are curious about this part of worship and, if it’s their first time, many parents like to to discuss it with them in preparation. If you would like to chat with Andy or Steve about how to do that, please don’t hesitate to contact the office. In the meantime, here are a few ideas to share with children about communion:

1. We share bread and grape juice, which remind us of a special meal Jesus shared with his disciples (friends), and the kind of simple meal he shared with many people he met.

2. When we share communion, we remember Jesus, we thank God for our blessings, and we also pray for people in the world who need help, just like Jesus did when he ate with people.

3. Christians everywhere share communion, sometimes more often than we do and sometimes it looks different, but it’s a part of worship we all share.