What’s Growing at St. Paul’s?

Find out what’s growing at St. Paul’s here.

Many thanks to Bob Osborne of Cornhill Nursery and his crew that helped St. Paul’s United church’s Butterflyway and Bees for Peace Project bloom!

The Dr. Suzuki Butterflyway Project is a volunteer-led movement that is growing habitat for bees and butterflies in neighbourhoods throughout Canada.

The Bees for Peace “Path of Peace” initiative aims to establish native plant gardens at multiple faith communities and other community centres, benefiting bees while providing educational and community-building opportunities for city or town residents.

Bees for Peace understands bees as messengers of peace, who fly over human-erected borders to feed from flowers everywhere, reminding us of our common ground, both ecologically and socially.  

Find the Bees For Peace vision statement here.

We give thanks for Karen Rogers and Ian Lloyd who have led these initiatives at St. Paul’s.

Please contact the office 506-386-3335 if you are interested in volunteering to help with our gardens over the Summer Months. Everyone is welcome!