The Magic of Summer Reading

Thanks to Hugh Farquhar, St. Paul’s Library is operative!

Our library had previously been organized using the Dewey system. A large number of books have been added and the books are now organized alphabetically by author. If you are looking for a book by Joyce Rupp, you look for the space marked “R” on the shelf.

The bookcase on the far right contains four sections: Bibles with every translation known to man, source books about the Bible, worship resources, and youth resources.

The children’s section is on the lowest shelf of the main library. You need to pull out the baskets to see all the books.

To borrow books: there is a blue basket on the small blue table containing blank cards. Simply write your name and the name of the book on the card in front and place it at the back of the basket. When you return the book, simply place it on the table in the Library and it will be re-stocked. THANK YOU!

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