Monthly Archives: November 2023

On This Day of Remembrance

— from "On This Day of Remembrance," prayers for Remembrance Sunday, by the Rev. Dr. Neil Parker, military chaplain at the 4th Canadian Division Training Centre in Meaford, ON

We offer to you, O God, our prayers for those who seek justice and resist evil. We pray for...

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Blessing of the Animals

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Sunday November 5 at 2 pm for a Blessing of the Animals at St. Paul's United Church. Our pets were invited for a brief service, and each of the pets were blessed. All are welcome - even if you don't have a pet - even snakes...

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Murray & Croft

Thank you Murray & Croft for joining us at St. Paul’s (404 Cleveland Avenue in Riverview) on Friday November 3. We welcomed Terri Croft and Shelby Murray back to Riverview – Together Again featured energizing fiddle music, soaring classical melodies, and uplifting songs to explore how music can help bring us together! Contact Terri Croft for info;...

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