Monthly Archives: March 2020

Worship for March 22, 2020

Because of the limitations presented by our necessary response to COVID-19, we're hosting worship online. Recording the elements for it over this past week, we offer a worship video which you can watch by clicking here. It includes prayers, a brief version of the reflection for this week, and some wonderful music,...

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Steve’s Reflection: March 15, 2020

Have you ever been afraid? I know we can all tell stories about ourselves. As for me, I especially remember three times when I quaked in my boots.

  • In 2013, I was standing on a corner in Hebron and I saw a red laser dot appear on my chest. I looked and realized it...
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Responding to COVID-19

Dear friends, 

Many groups and regions in Canada are heeding the advice of public health and medical professionals concerning the COVID-19 virus, and are suspending large gatherings and postponing meetings and events. We understand that this is the best thing to do to help contain the spread of the virus,...

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