Let Your Light Shine Campaign

StLet Your Light Shine: Faith & Growth at St. Paul’s 2013 Special Fundraiser

Dear Friends,

St. Paul’s has a proud history of being a strong, growing Christian faith presence in the communities of Riverview and Greater Moncton. We are an inclusive church with a vibrant, active and giving membership. Our potential for future growth and faith based leadership appears unlimited.

Our recently renovated church property is now modern, environmentally friendly and fully accessible. In addition to offering us an outstanding home in which to worship and work together our multi-purpose facility is used by many groups such as Unicorn Daycare, Guides, CGIT, the UCW, the Quilters and a variety of music, exercise and special interest groups.

However our recent renovations did come at a significant cost, around 1.2 million dollars. Fortunately the generosity of our members meant that we only had to subsidize $725,000.00 of this cost. These monies were borrowed from Maritime Conference ($225,000.00) and the United Church of Canada ($500,000.00). After 5 years of payments at a rate of $6256.00 per month we currently owe $124,000.00 to Maritime Conference and $364,000.00 to the United Church of Canada.

We could continue to pay these mortgages down over the next 10 to 15 years as we have been doing. However making monthly payments at this rate limits the growth of our outreach efforts – including support for Mission and Service – and considerably confines our freedom to pursue new outreach and ministry opportunities.

Hence our Let Your Light Shine 2013 Special Fund Raising Campaign which was launched on February 17; the aim of which is to eliminate our Maritime Conference loan of $124,000.00. Doing so will enable us to reduce our monthly mortgage payments by almost 50%. We will then have more freedom to pursue our ongoing church and outreach activities and ensure a legacy for future congregations.

We sincerely hope we can count on our great tradition of meeting past financial challenges because of your wonderful generosity. Giving is a primary foundation of our faith of which financial stewardship is a key element allowing us to actively pursue the Christian principals of spiritual and social justice.

St. Paul’s thanks you for your ongoing support and for seriously considering this special appeal. Let us give as God has prospered us.

Note: Donations to the “Let Your Light Shine” campaign should be clearly marked as such.