Next Recycling Days

NEXT RECYCLING DAYS April 6, May 4, June 1 & August 10 (9 – 11 am)

A BIG thank you to St. Paul s congregation for supporting this project and reducing waste and protecting our environment. A SPECIAL THANK YOU to the men and women who help with Recycling Days. The funds from this program go toward four $500 bursaries for our students furthering their education and  the balance towards church expenses. Recycling Days are usually held the first Saturday of each month from 9 – 11 am unless otherwise stated.

Recycling Hints

Phone Books, Catalogues, Magazines. Tie in bundles or place in grocery bags.

Restaurant Take-out Drink Trays

Junk Mail  (including envelopes, light card stock)

Bottles ~ remove caps,

Newspapers ~ tie in bundles or lay flat in bags.

Milk Cartons/Containers ~ We are unable at this time to recycle these items.

NO SHREDDED PAPER as jams the machines at the Recycling Outlet.

Key to Recycling Shed ~ Can t make it on Recycling Day? The key to the shed is on the First Aid Box in the kitchen. Help yourself, but don t forget to return the key!